It pays to make sure you're covered when travelling overseas.

Below is a list of leading Australian travel insurance providers for your convenience.

Travel Insurance Providers




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Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance?


In the event that you run into trouble while overseas, you may find yourself liable for the full cost associated with that event. For example, if you were to fall ill while on holiday and require hospitalisation, your Australian medical insurance and Medicare will not cover you. AS you probably know, medical expenses in some countries can be extremely high. So it pays to be covered for this reason alone.


In some cases, families have had no choice but to sell off assets to cover the costs of repatriating family members. We are aware of cases where the cost of a single medical repatriation can exceed $200,000.


Other reasons why it pays to covery yourself include theft, booking cancellations and loss of luggage. Should an event like this occur, it's comforting to know that you can recover at least some of the cost.


What to Look For


When considering which travel insurance product best meet your needs, look at the following factors:


1. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will cover you for a number of events that can occur before you travel and while you are travelling. These include such things asmedical expensesfrom illness or injury, baggage damage, theft of belongings etc. See below for more


2. The cost of travel insurance will depend on the coverage of the policy, your age, how long you are going to be away and any pre-existing medical conditions.


3. Always read the fine print so that you know what's covered by your policy and what's not.


4. Understand thsw limits of your cover for each of the insurable events.


5. Always compare the coverage offered by different providers and select one that most closely meets your needs.